DR_BUDDI_withoutGUI issue

Submitted by mikek on

I have Tortoise v3.2.0 installed on several servers and I have come across a strange problem when I run DR_BUDDI_withoutGUI to merge some AP/PA DTI data.  The data is on a NFS mounted volume to all these servers.   One server can run the DR BUDDI correctly on this mounted volume.   When I try the same command on the same data in the mounted volume but on different servers, the command starts but then hangs at "Transforming volume: 0" step.  It ever progresses pass this step.

Problem with DR_BUDDI

Submitted by FePe on


I am new to TORTOISE and I have been trying to process my DTI data. I have 64 up volumes and 5 down volumes.

When I run the DR_BUDDI_withoutGUI command using the MSJac metric, I get the error message: "Segmentation fault", and when I change the metrics to CCS or CCSK, I get the following error:

"libc++abi.dylib: terminating with uncaught exception of type std::length_error: vector


I would really appreciate if you could please tell me how I can fix this error?

Thank you,


DR BUDDI exits

Submitted by marie_drottar@… on

After running DR BUDDI  with 

....AP_proc.list, .....PA_proc.list and T1.nii, a path to output folder, and a name for the new listfile

and using all other default parameters

I get this message....

"3 numbers have to be entered for final resolution....Exiting."

Can you explain what is happening here and how to fix this?


"Applying" results of DRBUDDI to full dataset

Submitted by randomwalkerdi… on


New user to TORTOISE!

I have diffusion data with 7 up and 7 direction, and a full data set with 64 directions. I have been able to follow the steps till DRBUDDI stage; I have provided the 7 direction blip up data and the 7 direction blip down data. Once I have the results, how can I "apply" the results of distortion correction to my full data? Or do I need to run DRBUDDI with full data (blip up) and 7 directions blip down?

Apologies for the newbie questions.



Thank you!

Keep diffusing!


Submitted by dtomasi on

Dear TORTOISE team

I got the following error when using demo_step6_TensorFit.sh for the first time:

~/TORTOISE_V3.1.3_AFNI_bootcamp_DATA_102218/scripts$ ./demo_step6_TensorFit.sh

EstimateTensorWLLS -i ../demo_DATA/5--step5_DRBUDDI_correction/dti_n_ap_DR_proc_DRBUDDI_proc/dti_n_ap_DR_proc_DRBUDDI_final.list -m ../demo_DATA/5--step5_DRBUDDI_correction/dti_n_ap_DR_proc_DRBUDDI_proc/mask_mask.nii.gz
ComputeDECMap ../demo_DATA/5--step5_DRBUDDI_correction/dti_n_ap_DR_proc_DRBUDDI_proc/dti_n_ap_DR_proc_DRBUDDI_final_L0_DT.nii

DRBUDDI error transformations were not found

Submitted by Chris Panks on

We're setting up a new study and updating our protocol to Tortoise 3. I'm having some trouble getting DRBUDDI to run successfully, using a subject that ran without problem on Tortoise 2.5. I have not been able to figure out the source of this error message that comes up when starting DRBUDDI:


"WARNING!! The transformations were not found for the up data. Is this intentional? DR BUDDI expects DIFFPREP to have been run previously..."