DRBUDDI error transformations were not found

Submitted by Chris Panks on

We're setting up a new study and updating our protocol to Tortoise 3. I'm having some trouble getting DRBUDDI to run successfully, using a subject that ran without problem on Tortoise 2.5. I have not been able to figure out the source of this error message that comes up when starting DRBUDDI:


"WARNING!! The transformations were not found for the up data. Is this intentional? DR BUDDI expects DIFFPREP to have been run previously..."

Submitted by irfanogl on Thu, 03/14/2019 - 14:40


Hello Chris,


1) First, you have to have run DIFFPREP on both your up data and down data, which I can see you have done.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, you do not provide the DMC.list file to DRBUDDI anymore. To reduce interpolation effects, DRBUDDI internally applies DIFFPREP transformations. So you have to give DRBUDDI the two "***_proc.list"  files.  This should be clear in the documentation, if it is not, let us know.


Hope this helps.