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We are aware that the website is experiencing technical difficulties and is currently down. We are working on trying to resolve the issues. We will post an announcement on this page when the site is fully functional. 

In the interim, please access the early release of TORTOISE V4 via the following link: GitHub - eurotomania/TORTOISEV4: Official TORTOISE Diffusion MRI Processing Pipeline V4 Source Code and Documentation

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  • Software Guide

This module is used for tensor fitting, error analysis, directionally encoded color map visualization and ROI analysis.

Please note: We release command line DIFFCALC and the old GUI version of DIFFCALC with every new release.

  1. DIFFCALCV31: This is the newer, command line version of DIFFCALC that is compatible with the outputs of its respective DIFFPREP version. The computed scalar maps are limited compared to the older version of DIFFCALC.
  2. We recommend using the DIFFCALCV25 that is included with every new release of TORTOISE. This older version of DIFFCALC operates with an IDL license. We incorporate an IDL VM to enable its operation. You can access this older version of DIFFCALC GUI from directory with the tortoise download:


This should launch the GUI. Please follow the instructions included in the documentation about DIFFCALC_GUI. To use the old version of DIFFCALC with the new version DIFFPREP outputs , please convert the '.list' file to old format using the command in the DIFFPREP/bin directory. 

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