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Dear TORTOISE team

I got the following error when using demo_step6_TensorFit.sh for the first time:

~/TORTOISE_V3.1.3_AFNI_bootcamp_DATA_102218/scripts$ ./demo_step6_TensorFit.sh

EstimateTensorWLLS -i ../demo_DATA/5--step5_DRBUDDI_correction/dti_n_ap_DR_proc_DRBUDDI_proc/dti_n_ap_DR_proc_DRBUDDI_final.list -m ../demo_DATA/5--step5_DRBUDDI_correction/dti_n_ap_DR_proc_DRBUDDI_proc/mask_mask.nii.gz
ComputeDECMap ../demo_DATA/5--step5_DRBUDDI_correction/dti_n_ap_DR_proc_DRBUDDI_proc/dti_n_ap_DR_proc_DRBUDDI_final_L0_DT.nii

Press any key to continue...

Noise file does not exist.. Reverting to traditional weighting...
Computing Tensors...
Input image name not entered...Exiting...
Not all the required Parameters are entered! Exiting!

Demo_step5_DRBUDDI.sh did not generate mask_mask.nii.gz.  I am using DR_BUDDI_withoutGUI because DR_BUDDI will not work with GUI on my ubuntu 14.04.  How can I fix this issue?



Submitted by irfanogl on Thu, 04/04/2019 - 10:57


Hello Dardo,

I kind of mentioned it in the bootcamp but I unfortunately still did not do it. I will email everyone in the bootcamp the updated scripts as soon as I can.

The syntax of ComputeDECMap has changed since 3.1.3. Now the actual command is 

ComputeDECMap -i ../demo_DATA/5--step5_DRBUDDI_correction/dti_n_ap_DR_proc_DRBUDDI_proc/dti_n_ap_DR_proc_DRBUDDI_final_L0_DT.nii

so there is a "-i" now before the DT image. This is not a syntax change only as it can take a lot more parameters now.


The script Demo_step5_DRBUDDI.sh unfortunately will not generate a mask image. You can either use the mask I generated for you in the DRBUDDI folder or you are supposed to generated a mask manually yourself with bet.  That script assumes the existence of a mask.


Coming back to the DR_BUDDI_withoutGUI question.   The only library it needs is OpenGL.  So you have to install your specific video card drivers. If it is an NIVIDIA, you can get it from the NVIDIA site. I unfortunately do not have  an AMD card but it should work with their as well.