xxx_proc_DRBUDDI_up_final.list does not exist

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I was running tortoise and keep having the error: W9881_AP_proc_DRBUDDI_up_final.list does not exist... Exiting!!!

The data contains the AP and PA images and I split them into two separate folders where each folder contains the .nii image and the bvals and bvecs. The bvals and bvecs are generated using TORTOISEBmatrixToFSLBVecs since the original dataset only provides the .bmtxt file. I checked the _AP_Proc folder and it seems to have everything we need. It said DRBUDDI was finished successfully, but the DRBUDDI folder doesn't have the _DRBUDDI_up_final.list and I'm wondering if you know why this keeps happening.

Thank you very much!


outputs in the DRBUDDI folder


Submitted by nayaka on Wed, 07/08/2020 - 11:19


Hi Shangxian,

From the screenshot you have attached it seems like the DRBUDDI output was written into the final folder successfully. However, I am assuming that you are trying to look for a file name that indeed does not exist. Please note: the file name output in the DRBUDDI folder after processing takes on the name of the --up_data list file provided and appends _DRBUDDI_final.* to it. In this case, your  --up_data  input file provided was, perhaps, W9881_AP_proc.list. 

The file name that you are expecting *DRBUDDI_up_final.list was part of an example that was used in the documentation and outputs shown there are in relation to the file name used. I am sorry if this may have caused any confusion. Please let us know if you experience any issues when using the DRBUDDI output, W9881_AP_proc_DRBUDDI_final.list.

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