core dump with ComputeGlyphMaps

Submitted by jpatte@lsuhsc.edu on Tue, 11/26/2019 - 13:31

I'm running Ubuntu kernel: 18.04.3 LTS   64-bit, running in WSL (Linux on Windows). 

I've got Tortoise v 3.2.0, installed in /usr/local, path added.

I'm using BASH as my shell. 

Whenever I run ComputeGlyphMaps, I get "segmentation fault - core dumped"

I've removed/replaced ComputeGlyphMaps. It doesn't seem to be corrupted. 

Other image viewer/editor programs seem to be working fine.

Libpng is installed and is latest version, if that matters. I have dev and dev++ libs as well. 

Any help? 


Tortoise 3.1.4 EstimateTensorNLLSRESTORE - after DRBUDDI

Submitted by Chris Panks on Wed, 05/08/2019 - 15:14


I was looking at the previous post about generating the mask nifti. The line ' ExtractImage -i  subjID_DMC.nii -v 0 ' made me think that this was the process to try if DRBUDDI had not been run, because the DMC.nii is a DIFFPREP output. If that is correct, what is the process for generating the mask nifti from DRBUDDI output?

Thank you,

Chris Panks
MacDonald Lab
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington