Tensor fitting with voxel-wise bmatrices

Submitted by ywu94@hawk.iit.edu on

Dear TORTOISE experts, 

I wonder if it is possible to nonlinearly transform DWI and bmatrix file to a target space and then estimate diffusion tensor in said target space. To achieve this, I have already taken the following steps:

1. Preprocessed the DWI using DIFFPREP, obtaining the files filename_DMC.nii.gz and filename_DMC.bmtxt which were used in the following steps.

Definition of the parameter maps

Submitted by fqye@mail.nih.gov on


There are about a dozen Compute commands that create various beautiful maps.  Some of the parameter maps are not self obvious.  It would be great to have a list of definition and literature reference for those maps.  For example, LI map looks similar to FA map, but I could find out what's difference between the two.   The EV map is generated by ComputeEigVecImage, what is each component in EV map?    That information resource would be very helpful.  


Frank Ye


Differences between DIFFCALC V3.1.2 command line and DIFFCALC V2.5.1 GUI

Submitted by antoinel on

I am using TORTOISE V3.1.2. In my shell script I run DIFFPREP and DR_BUDDI_withoutGUI. Then I am supposed to run DIFFCALC V2.5.1 GUI after...BUDDI...  I will not set any flags when using the GUI.
Is the output from GUI V2.5.1 accurate?

I modified the shell script to run DIFFCALC V3.1.2. I am running the following command for DIFFCALC.  Will this command produce the same output that running DIFFCALC V2.5.1 GUI produces? If not, what should I add to this command?

Removing dropped out directions in Tortoise 3?

Submitted by ceierud on


Always thankful for your great software and upgrades!

In Tortoise calcvm 2.5.2 one could click  [display raw images] and delete a volume that had signal dropouts before completing DTI processing. Is it possible to do an analogous operation in Tortoise 3?

Best Regards,

core dump with ComputeGlyphMaps

Submitted by jpatte@lsuhsc.edu on

I'm running Ubuntu kernel: 18.04.3 LTS   64-bit, running in WSL (Linux on Windows). 

I've got Tortoise v 3.2.0, installed in /usr/local, path added.

I'm using BASH as my shell. 

Whenever I run ComputeGlyphMaps, I get "segmentation fault - core dumped"

I've removed/replaced ComputeGlyphMaps. It doesn't seem to be corrupted. 

Other image viewer/editor programs seem to be working fine.

Libpng is installed and is latest version, if that matters. I have dev and dev++ libs as well. 

Any help?