Differences between DIFFCALC V3.1.2 command line and DIFFCALC V2.5.1 GUI

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I am using TORTOISE V3.1.2. In my shell script I run DIFFPREP and DR_BUDDI_withoutGUI. Then I am supposed to run DIFFCALC V2.5.1 GUI after...BUDDI...  I will not set any flags when using the GUI.
Is the output from GUI V2.5.1 accurate?

I modified the shell script to run DIFFCALC V3.1.2. I am running the following command for DIFFCALC.  Will this command produce the same output that running DIFFCALC V2.5.1 GUI produces? If not, what should I add to this command?

EstimateTensorNLLS -i *drbuddi_final.list

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In v3.1.2, few commands from DIFFCALC TORTOISEV2.5.1 had been converted to command line. Please refer to change log for details on changes implemented version to version: https://tortoise.nibib.nih.gov/tortoise/change-log

While there are no changes in DIFFCALC outputs between versions, since you are using scripts to process data, it is best recommended to use TORTOISEv3.2, where all commands from GUI have been converted to command line.