4. Your Import Outputs- What to expect

The following files will be written in the <prefix>_proc folder that will be created outside of the raw folder, following the import routine.

Inked DIFFPREP import outputs example 3 LI

example of each file is as follows

4.1. Info File

Inked DIFFPREP import example 6 info LI

4.2. bmtxt

DIFFPREP import example 4 bmtxt

4.3. List File

DIFFPREP import example 7 list

4.4. nii File

The raw file is converted to NII format using the dcm2niix tool. No associated bvecs and bvals are saved with this nii file. You can create the associated bvecs and bvals by using the executable TORTOISEBmatrixToFSLBVecs , which is present in the DIFFPREPV311 or above versions bin folder. This will convert the bmtxt written in the proc folder to bvals and bvecs. Although, TORTOISE will still need .list and associated bmtxt file to perform the processing.