Import errors

ImportDICOM warnning

Submitted by lizhaoqing on

Dear TORTOISE experts,

When I using ImportDICOM to import diffusion data, it reported in the terminal, "Warning: DTI gradient directions only tested for axial (transverse) acquistions, please validate bvec files".

I have no idea with this warning. And I check the generated bvec files, it is no same as the b vector table I import in MRI scanner. But when I check diffsuion tensor with "ComputeGlyphMaps", the orientation in axial, coronal, sagittal are all right. 

What else things shoud I do to ensure the step of data importing is right?

what the coordinate system (magnet coordinate or the FOV coordinate) does ImportDICOM referring when importing diffusion dataset

Submitted by lizhaoqing on

Dear all experts,

When I used ImportDICOM to import diffusion dataset, the b vector in the generated bvecs file is not consistent with the b vector table I used. I have no idea about that and I do not know if it is related to the coordinate system (XYZ or "phase read slice") ImprotDICOM used.

Import dwi.nii.gz errors

Submitted by fft1995 on

Hello TORTOISE team,

Hope all is well!!

I’m trying to import the diffusion-weighted data to generate the data that's compatible with TORTOISE.

after running 'ImportNIFTI -i dwi.nii.gz -b bvals -v bvecs -p vertical',

then I got this message:

Starting import....


is there any problem that I have done?



Siemens Import Errors

Submitted by lm1619 on

Hello Tortoise development team,

We are trying to use the TORTOISE V3.2 software package to postprocess Siemens SE DTI images of ex vivo hearts.

We are having some issues with the data import step.

When trying to import the dicom folder with the ImportDICOM    -i     folder_name command, we get the following warning and error:

Problem with ImportDICOM

Submitted by ajevia on



I attempted to use ImportDICOM on a Siemens dicom folder, and was unsuccessful. Here is the command line output:

Based on Chris Rorden's dcm2niiX version v1.0.20170624
No files to combine....
Listfile  does not exist... Exiting!!!

However, when I attempt to use a more recent version of dcm2niix on the dicom data, it is able to convert the dataset. Here is the command line output: