Tortoise 3.1.4 EstimateTensorNLLSRESTORE - after DRBUDDI

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I was looking at the previous post about generating the mask nifti. The line ' ExtractImage -i  subjID_DMC.nii -v 0 ' made me think that this was the process to try if DRBUDDI had not been run, because the DMC.nii is a DIFFPREP output. If that is correct, what is the process for generating the mask nifti from DRBUDDI output?

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Chris Panks
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Submitted by nayaka on Wed, 05/08/2019 - 16:27


Hi Chris,

You can provide any nifti file as input to the ExtractImage command. In this specific case, it would be the 'DRBUDDI_ouput.nii' file  (using a generic example name here) that is generated in the DRBUDDI_proc folder.

ExtractImage    -i   <full_path_to_input_nifti_file>      -v   <volume_number_you_want_to_extract>  and then you can mask that extracted volume.  

  Alternate solution for masking DRBUDDI output: mask the structural.nii that is in the DRBUDDI_proc folder. DRBUDDI output is in the structural.nii space and with using the structural file for masking, you can bypass the ExractImage step.  




Submitted by Chris Panks on Wed, 05/08/2019 - 17:04

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Hi Amritha,

Thanks for the prompt reply! So this is what you're saying?

bet2  ~/DRBUDDI_proc/structural.nii mask -m -f 0.3

and then

EstimateTensorNLLSRESTORE -i ~/DRBUDDI_proc/id_DRBUDDI.list -m <output of bet2>.nii.gz



bet2  ~/DRBUDDI_proc/structural.nii mask -m -f 0.3 does appear to make a mask successfully.

However, 'EstimateTensorNLLSRESTORE -i ~/DRBUDDI_proc/id_DRBUDDI.list -m <output of bet2>.nii.gz' takes less than 15 minutes to run, and ComputeFAMap fails when using the output.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

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Hi Chris,

sorry for the delay as we were away at a conference. Can you please try computing the tensor using EstimateTensorNLLS and then try ComputeFAMap to see what result you get? This test is mainly to separate if its a problem with EstimatetensorNLLSRESTORE or ComputeFAMap.

Also, have you downloaded TORTOISEV3.1.4 that was released on 05/06 and try the EstimateTensorNLLSRESTORE from the current version? we recently re-released TORTOISEv3.1.4 (an email was sent with the bug fixes), where the beta version of the RESTORE command was been replaced with a more stable version. Please use the command from this new re-released version and see if you get better results.