14. CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have now completed all steps of TORTOISE processing

You can perfrom various analysis with the tensors computed and its derived quantities. If you would like to use external statistical and analysis softwares, TORTOISE is compatible with FSL,AFNI, TRACKVIS,DTITK. All these softwares need the files to be in a certain format. Therefore, you will need to open the DTs computed in TORTOISE and open them in DIFFCALC 2.5.2 GUI https://science.nichd.nih.gov/confluence/display/nihpd/3.2.11+export+images and follow the steps listed below. These steps will convert the TORTOISE processed DTs to any of the above listed software format.

14. screenshot of export

Please refer to the next section of this document to get acquainted with the newest module of TORTOISE- DRTAMAS. This module is used in creation of template and tensor based registration.