Warning message during registration process (solved 9/8/20)

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Update on 9/8/20:

It turned out that the registration setting was not correctly loaded though the path of the dmc file was assigned in GUI and placed in diff_prep_work folder. Once the parameters were manually entered in the advanced registration options, the registration processing did not return any warning messages.



I have a few questions of some warning messages I got during image registration. I am processing ex vivo scans of mouse brains using TORTOISE 3.2 in Ubuntu 20.04. Though the procedure ran through and displayed the completion message, I also got several warnings as shown below:

 warning messages

Processing the same file didn't generate such warning when a different machine was used. And the results were quite different (left: normal registration complete, right: registration completed with warnings)


It seemed like the correction did not complete for some reason. Is it something resolvable? And how should I optimize the process?

Thank you for the help.


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Hi Rene,

We are sorry that we missed seeing this question when it was posted few weeks ago. We are glad that the problem you posted about has been resolved.