Segmentation Fault ReorientImage

Submitted by willi3by on Mon, 11/15/2021 - 01:03


I am trying to run ReorientImage and am receiving the error "segmentation fault". I am able to import the data (ImportNIFTI), estimate tensors (EstimateTensorWLLS), and compute a DEC map (ComputeDECMap). From this, I see that the image needs to be reoriented. But when I try to run ReorientImage on the "raw" .list file created after the import, I get the seg fault error. I have tried this on both a Mac (OS 11.5) and on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04). I don't receive any other information from the error so I am not sure what other information may be useful. Any idea why I might be getting this error? 


Thanks for your time