Preclinical Imaging

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Dear Tortoise Community.

I just found the different tools offered by Tortoise and I was impressed !

I am a preclinical imaging scientist and I am in trouble to deal with diffeomorphic normalization of my DTI data.

I would like to know if Tortoise could adress preclinical data like rats and sheep (I developped atlases, templates (T2) and GM, WM and CSF priors associated to my dwi images).

The last step is to create a DTI template of each so do you think that I am at the good place ?



Submitted by nayaka on Fri, 07/12/2019 - 18:53


Hi David,

Thank you for your interest in using tortoise tools. Yes, our processing tools can work with not just human data but also animal data. The settings need to be modified within the tools to accommodate the acquisition parameters utilized in acquiring the animal data. We have capability to take the whole tensor generated after processing the data through the pipeline and use it in the generation of DTI templates. The name of the tool is DRTAMAS and you can find more details about the methodology used in creation of templates and tensor based registration technique used in the tool, in the following publication:DR-TAMAS: diffeomorphic Registration for Tensor Accurate Alignment of Anatomical Structures, Irfanoglu et al, 2016,NeuroImage, 132 (2016), pp. 439-454

One of the pre-requisite to using DRTAMAS is that the tensors need to be in TORTOISE format. So, the advice would be to process the data through the TORTOISE pipeline and generate the tensor to be used in DRTAMAS template creation.

Hope this helps!